ransomware warning

Hi All,

Most of you properly have heard of the new virus and hacker attacks by now.

The issues last week were with a vulnerability in windows 10, there was a patch released to fix it last year apparently. (Some server users never updated?)

By default users of windows 10 have automatic updates enabled and this looks more like an attack on Microsoft new ‘server’ versions.

But it was mention that the ransomware emails were back again.

(Your Files and network shares will be encrypted, not retrievable – Only a backup copy will be an option.)

This is now even worse as some of the Ransomware can come via a PDF. ?

Please, check emails and email address carefully on incoming mail. If it looks suspect then it could be a ransomware email.

To check the email address In “Outlook”, open the email and just double click the senders email name/address, then check the email address field.

Ie: The “@name.com” should be someone/customer you know, then if your still worried, call the person. It’s safer than the alternative.

Especially if you’re not expecting an email.!

*** Also LINKS in emails, simular as the below link OR it could be just an image Link to a sale item, hold the mouse over the link or image to see the real address.!***

If it is a link to a file or virus, Windows will ask if you want to open it, just click NO.

This is a good time to check Antivirus software and run backups of photos and files to external USB devices.!

Please pass on to Office staff, friends and family.